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Lenny - The Telemarketing Troll

The Telemarketer’s Worst Nightmare


How Lenny Troll Works

old Answering Machine

Lenny Troll is the first-in-class Smart Answering Machine, an automated Troll and more that you use from your Android and iOS Smartphones or anything with a Web Browser.

Replace or enhance your old Answering Machine with something much more entertaining and functional while sharing your Lenny Troll adventures with others socially at Reddit, YouTube and Facebook.

Lenny Troll is a Linux-based software service running on a RasberryPi controlled by a Progressive Web App (PWA), the next generation Mobile technology so it runs everywhere without installing from the App Store, on your Smartphone, Tablet and PC, as your new Smart Answering Machine.

Smartphone Screen Shots

All your favorite Lenny Chatbot Messages are included as default with the 'Lenny Troll Profile' and you can add new 'Profiles' using the Lenny Troll Progressive Web App and your creativity.

The Psychology of the Lenny Chatbot Profile is designed to simulate a "Telemarketer’s worst nightmare", an elderly man who is a bit senile and slightly hard of hearing and when he starts to repeat himself, it is easily confused with him just being a forgetful old man.

Its fun to create new profiles with your own voice, maybe your sick, or sneezing, or sleepy, or an elderly man whos is a bit senile.


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