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Lenny - The Telemarketing Troll

The Telemarketer’s Worst Nightmare


Do It Yourself Setup

Lenny Troll is software installed on a RasberryPi with a USB Voice Modem replacing your current old Answering Machine function.

  1. Plug USB Modem into the Raspberry Pi and into the Telephone Jack using RJ11 Connector
  2. Setup Raspberry Pi with Lenny Troll Software
  3. Use Smartphone Browser to connect to the Lenny Troll Web Application GUI
  4. Add your own Lenny Troll Profile Messages
  5. Have fun and share!
What is needed
Raspberry Pi
USRobotics Modem
rj11 wire
RJ11 Connector
rj11 plug
Telephone Jack
Smartphone or PC

Many answering machines are built into the cordless phone we use at home, simply turning off the answering machine feature or setting it to answer after 4 rings allows Lenny Troll to handle all your calls.

Using the Lenny Troll Skiplist feature, your family and friends will skip Lenny Troll Profiles going right to the Lenny Troll Answering Machine and your recorded Outgoing Message before the beep tone.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a tiny, desktop computer putting the power of computing into the hands of hobbiest all over the world. Choose the recommended power adapter with micro USB for your country / location. Also, choose an inexpensive keyboard, mouse, and appropriate HDMI cables for your HDMI-TV / Monitor.

Lenny Troll has been validated to work on the Raspberry Model: Pi4, Pi3 B+, Pi3. There are many distributors of Raspberry Pi computers and accessories including the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The Lenny Troll software application has a very small memory footprint. The Rasberry Pi uses a SD card as its hard-disk, an 8gig card is a recommended minimum capacity.

The Raspberry Pi is very easy to configure on your local Wifi network using the NOOBS GUI. There are many Getting Started guides and on-line videoes helping connect your Raspberry Pi to your local Network and getting all the up-to-date software updates.


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USRobotics Voice Modem

Amazon offers the USRobotics USR5637 56K USB Controller Dial-Up External Fax Modem with Voice

This USRobotics modem is a full controller unlike a Soft / Win Modem, which does not work with Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi OS.


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