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Lenny - The Telemarketing Troll

The Telemarketer’s Worst Nightmare


Getting Lenny Troll Started

Locate Lenny Troll package after Download

First, locate the download Lenny Troll download package. For simplicity, on your Raspberry Pi with the NOOBS Graphical UI, start a Terminal window.

Locate Raspberry Pi OS's ~/Downloads sub-directory containing what was retrieved using your RPi Chromium browser. Move the download package to your home directory.

TIP: Do not include the $ character when cut-and-pasting to run the command in your Terminal window.

TIP: The ~ character is replaced by your home directory name (for Raspberry Pi, usually '/home/pi') in the Terminal window.

			$ mv ~/Downloads/lenny* ~

Unpackage Lenny

  1. Check download was completed using md5sum utility.
  2. Unpackage Lenny Troll into a sub-directory.
  3. List contents of Lenny Troll software sub-directory.

for TAR Ball

			$ tar -zxf lenny-arm32-0.6.tar.gz

$ ls lenny-0.6/
VERSION.txt  bin   etc   var   web

for ZIP Package

			$ unzip -q lenny-0.6.zip

$ ls lenny-0.6/
VERSION.txt  bin   etc   var   web

Check Lenny Troll Information

With your U.S. Robotics USB Modem plugged into your Raspberry Pi, start Lenny Troll retrieving its configuration.

			$ lenny-0.6/bin/lenny -i
Lenny - The Tele-Marketing Troll
Copyright (c) 2020, LennyTroll.com

Lenny v0.6:1 (cpu:arm build:32bit)
root: /home/pi/lenny-0.6

Evaluation Beta License

WebApp Access:
Cert: RSA-2048 { 2020-04-01 23:59:59 GMT }
for: pi,,

Host Info:
os: Raspberry Pi OS GNU/Linux 8 / Linux 4.14.93-v7+ armv7l
hw: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2 id:14fc6cc0399945fc9f65d5a4bb594fff serial:000000008802b4ff
cpu: 32bit
mac: eth0:b8:27:eb:02:b4:ff
mac: wlan0:b8:27:eb:57:e1:ff

Modem Info:
line1: 004 USR5637 56K Faxmodem U.S. Robotics /dev/ttyACM0

Install Lenny Troll as a Linux Service

  1. Copy lenny_service.txt file to systemd managed area
  2. Refresh systemd reading new Lenny Troll service file
  3. Start the Lenny Troll service
  4. Enable the Lenny Troll service to run at boot

$ sudo cp etc/lenny_service.txt /lib/systemd/system/lenny.service

$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload

$ sudo systemctl start lenny

$ sudo systemctl enable lenny

Connect to the Lenny Troll Web Applicationon

Or, from the Terminal window, Lenny Troll can launch the Rasberry Pi Browser.

			$ lenny-0.6/bin/lenny -l

Or, on your Smartphone's browser, enter the web link show in the information displayed at startup. In this example, the URL is

			$ cat lenny-0.6/var/log/lenny.log |grep http:

Lenny Troll is Ready to Answer Calls


  • Lenny Troll defaults to answering calls in two rings once the caller identification is received.
  • Skiplisted numbers are not answered by Lenny Troll or the Disconnected message.
  • Skiplisted numbers will be answered by Lenny Troll's Answering Machine mode after the configured number of rings.
  • With the 'Messages' mode disabled, your previous Answering Machine can answer those calls as before.


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