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The Telemarketer’s Worst Nightmare


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Release Versions
Raspberry Pi OS - arm32DateVersion
lenny-0.122021-March-18v0.12 Beta
lenny-arm32-0.12.tar.gzmd5: 90377731613dae2238bbdc8d13706c82 lenny-arm32-0.12.zipmd5: 6e45a7c39f52ddf26db9967a7e593611

Note: Release notes can be found in the VERSION.txt file included with the distribution.

Beta Release Cycle

Lenny Troll is still in development where the Lenny Troll Team is finding and fixing issues daily ensuring the best quality software for the Lenny Community.

The Beta release cycle will last a few months working towards the Full v1.0 release. During this time, the Beta Licenses is free as we encourage partication and feedback about 'The Good, Bad and Ugly' parts of Lenny Troll.

Release Feedback

The Lenny Troll Team is small, self-funded group with big ideas that is founded on the shoulders of the Lenny Community at large. We are actively using email and working towards a forum for better open-communication.

Time, Resources and Quality are our partners with your help.


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